The Astrex Compact

As with the beginning of any great endeavor, it is important to create a set of understandings between the people who choose to move forward toward a common vision. This Compact serves as a way to unify breeders and promoters of the potential American Astrex Rabbit. Those who agree to this Compact shall be considered to be in a binding agreement.

Members will work to promote the creation of the American Astrex breed in a manner that is welcoming, rational, and positive. Members of the compact commit to breed toward the working standard of the breed at all times.

Members who participate in the compact shall have a stock trade price of $10/rabbit to promote the widening of the gene pool and betterment of the breed creation in general.

Members agree to have a minimum price of $45/rabbit on any American Astrex stock sold or culled for pet purposes and shall be sold with a pedigree that details tattoo, sex, date of birth, breed of all known ancestors, and which rabbits on the pedigree are known to carry the Astrex gene.

Members with the capability of cooperating in American Astrex “drifts”, where stock is exchanged on a national scope, shall participate. The stock shared shall be of the best quality in order to further the breed standard.

Members agree to house American Astrex stock in a manner that is consistent with the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association and the Animal Welfare Acts recommendations for the most humane and ethical treatment of rabbits possible. Animals displaying genetic deformations or sickly behavior shall not be used in any breeding programs or passed to any other source whether breeder or pet.

Members agree to tattoo all American Astrex rabbits in accordance to the standardized tattoo system.

Members agree to keep accurate records on each rabbit in their breeding program.

Only those persons who have agreed to the American Astrex Breeders Compact may participate in the $10 stock purchase and/or American Astrex Drift.

Conflicts shall be handled in the following manner:
1. To privately work out differences with the attitude of selflessness
2. To involve at least two other Compact members as outside resources, each chosen by one of the aggrieved parties. After due consideration, the outside parties shall make a decision. That decision is binding;
3. At all times, by all parties, there shall be a desire to promote a spirit of cooperation.