Astrex Rabbit Breed Club

Please pardon our dust; we're just now getting the website up and running. For more up to date information, please consider joining our Facebook group below.

What is an Astrex?

At it's most basic, an Astrex is a rabbit with a curly coat! While this breed is on the books in the UK, it has been "extinct" for decades. However, the original astrex left remnants behind. In many breeds today, ranging from little Lionheads to big Flemish Giants, curly kits are occasionally born. The goal of the Astrex Rabbit Breed Club is to promote the establishment of this breed in the United States, and to support it's re-creation over in the UK.

Current State of the Project

Most curly kits have coats that molt into a straight coat. Sometimes they will go through another molt when they are 18-24 months old and the curls will return, and others never get their curl back.

While there are a handful of breeders who consistently produce curly adults, the majority are still working on stabilizing the curl in their herds.

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